Monday, March 18, 2013

Revival Breakfast

Almost every Saturday, Revival has their own brand of Breakfast Special.  This day was Corned Beef Hash breakfast with bread from Slow Dough.  For $7.95, I ordered one.  The only thing I find was inconvenient was that they would not customize how they cook the egg.  I asked for scrambled, and they insisted on sunny side up or they just cook it really hard.  Hmm... the whole point for me was that they cook the yoke fully and thoroughly, but they wouldn't do it.  Instead, they just offer more hash instead of eggs.  Not sure if it's because they figured there's tons of people and didn't want to customize or what.

I will say that Saturday morning at the shop is a mad house.  However, there were less people going there to have the breakfast special than people getting coffee and pastry to go.  I really wanted to tell these people, if you're in here anyway, get some good cooking from the in-house chef.  Aside from the no-customization thing the food is good.  

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Revival Market
550 Heights Blvd (at White Oak)
Houston, TX 77007

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