Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I was ecstatic to find a food truck near by work that serves lunch!
 Look at the cute truck front, super friendly and cute!
 This is passion fruit juice with vanilla pudding and basil seed.  The combo sounds weird, but it was surprisingly refreshing.  I know they also have sugar cane juice, too bad they didn't have that the day I went.  Aside from that, they also have Cafe Su dai, which is the Vietnamese coffee.
This is their Peking Duck and Pork Belly Ramen.  Looks pretty, assembled like restaurant.  My only complaint is that the noodle could've been better quality.  The noodles just looks like a fancier packaged noodle.  That was a tad disappointing.  I wonder if I had it on site if the soup would've been nicer.  Since I took it back to my office, the soup turned cold all too quickly.  And mind you, my office is not even 2 minutes from the truck, so I'm very surprise.

I think I'll go back to the truck and try their banh mi and try their namesake musubi.  Their version of musubi aside of egg and spam, they also add pineapple, that's very intriguing in terms of taste.  So I'll go back for that.  Meanwhile, I was disappointed at the ramen, especially I was very much looking forward to it.  Not to mention, I'm just happy to see a food truck right by work.

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