Monday, March 4, 2013

Monster PBJ

We've been following Monster PBJ for a while, but as all food trucks go, you're chasing after them around town.  Sometimes where they are is not where you are, and thus becomes a little chase.
This day happens that I was in the same part of town as they were, so we'll chalk it up as serendipitous. 
Can't help but take a pick of the back of their truck.  Not only is it colorful, did you see their plate?  Clever!
I must say we were delighted to learn that not only do they serve gluten free bread, we think they use Udi's bread.  They are also offering almond and cashew butter on top of the normal peanut butter.  This helps alot of paleo eaters.  

One thing I didn't get is on the jam, where is the grape jam?  The truck has purple, which led me to think they have grape, but it's not listed anywhere.  Also, I'm glad they have variety on the fruit but do people actually do jam AND honey or agave or nutella?  That's a very sweet sandwich.
Cute sticker, can't resist.
Opened it up.  I had the crust cut, bread toasted like a panini.  Had banana and almond butter as my filling.  Not too shabby.  For $5, you get to customize all you want.

They have drinks, chips, fruit, and dessert for extra.  My one complaint is that I wish they would offer gluten free and healthy alternative on chips.  They bothered go the length for gf bread, almond & cashew butter, why not provide an healthy alternative on chips too?  I will say it is nice to have this customized by someone else, but did feel that $5 a sandwich is high.  Of course, you're paying for their service and doing the work for you.

Monster PBJ

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