Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Work had taken me to Truluck's this time.  Since it's with work function, there's not alot of good pics to be had... but managed to sneak in a pic of my food here and there.
 This is a bowl of their lobster bisque.  It is not as thick and milky as it looked.  I was hoping it'd be smoother.  I can detect a hint of alcohol in it, which is not commonly found in alot of bisque.
I decided to get a 7oz center cut filet.  While it does look small, at least smaller than the pile of mashed potato, there's alot of meat.  I will tell you that I did not even finish my steak.  A shame, I know, but just too much food.  Mind you, I didn't even get the bread or eat their crab, which when they say they're jumbo, they mean business.

Just as expected from Truluck's, the service and food are top notch.  No doubt about that.  I actually haven't been there since they moved to this new location.  I was so used to go to the one on Fountainview and since they've been at this new space just didn't have any opportunity to go.

I did find out that they do have a separate Gluten Free menu, which is selected items from their main menu.  But again, since I'm with work function, I just picked whatever the easiest on the menu, which is very easy to do here.

5350 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77056

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