Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Coppa Italian

I've been curious about Coppa for quite some time now.  Never got an excuse to go, until you find the right friend who is curious enough to go try with you.
Honestly, aside the fact that I know it's an Italian restaurant and took over the old space where Catalan used to be.  I've always lamented that I didn't get to go try Catalan before they closed.  But totally excited to try Coppa, since I've heard and read alot about Brandi Key and can't wait to see it for myself.
We were sat in the back room, but just walking past the main dinning room, it has this rustic chic decor to it.  Definitely suitable for a fancy date or a casual Sunday night meal.

We ordered the Frito Misto which has calamari, shrimp, fennel, and in case you haven't look closed enough, that's a slice of orange.  It was battered with tempura type batter, it's definitely light and yummy.  Surprisingly, I loved the fennel because it tasted a little sweet as you eat it.  That was a very nice surprise.
I ordered the Italian Sausage pizza and it does have a zing of spice to it.  You can taste the herb in it but the cheese was either not enough or was over cooked but it was very much melted into the pizza dough for sure.  My friend ordered the Margherita and I liked hers much better.
For dessert, we were thinking of splitting a tiramisu.  Since our appetizer and pizza were huge, we thought one would be plenty to share.  Turns out it was dainty.  It's ok, it was good enough to share, but was surprised that it was smaller than the rest of the dishes. 

Place looks nice, and if you do go during dinner prime time, a reservation is highly recommended, simply that even on Sunday night they do get filled quickly.  That's just the nature of Washington Ave. The servers are very knowledgable and attentive, so that always win with me at any table.  Keep in mind on weekends they do not serve lunch.

5555 Washington Ave.
Houston, Tx 77007

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