Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Counter

For a gourmet burger, we like to go to The Counter.  
You sit down, they give you a clip board and you get to design your own burger.  You get 1/3 lb, 2/3 lb, or if you're really hungry, 1 lb.
We got the Fifty/Fifty - which was half sweet potato fries and french fries.  You can mix it with onion strings, with fries or with sweet potato fries.
Finally, here's my burger!  I got the 1/3 pounder, with red onion, and saute mushroom.  I had the chipotle aioli sauce on the side and it adds a nice kick to the burger.

What we like about this place is that they offer alot of gluten free options.  The bun is actually gluten free, and you can customize everything your way.  Forget about Burger King, this is truly how you get it your way.  Their beef is hormone and antibiotic free, and don't forget too that not only that they have yummy milkshake, they have beer and some liquor drinks too.  Make a night out of it.

The Counter
4601 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

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