Monday, February 25, 2013

Eatsie Boys - Mmmonstrose Cafe

Ever since Eatsie Boys went into brick and mortar store, I haven't had a chance to eat their food.
They took over the old Kraftsmen Bakery next to Black Lab on Montrose.
I ordered the Matzah Pho, it's definitely not your usual pho.  The service is cute, but the soup base doesn't have much flavor, the vermicelli is too doughy, and I'm not sure if it was me until I talked to my friend and she felt the same too.
I tried the matzah and it also doesn't have flavor.  :(
Next we have the Sabotage sandwich.  They have pork au jus, but the flavor didn't seem to sip thru.  The braised green today was kale, and the provolone melted at the bottom was nice.  But it's tough that the entire plate doesn't have as much flavors as promised.  Where is that damn Pork Snuggie??? Oh they sold out that day.  Sad!
Luckily the ice cream redeemed the meal, I had the Triple Trouble, which is dulce de leche, chocolate, mixed with toffee.  That was yummy.

Parking is available in the garage, take your ticket and ask for a token for exiting the garage.  Come a little before the lunch rush.  We did and lucky that we did because the line was lining outside the door.  Another thing you should try is their homemade lemonade, it was yummy!  The only thing missing this trip is my pork snuggie... I miss you!

Eatsie Boys
They do cater!
4100 Montrose
Ste C
Houston, TX 77006

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