Friday, February 15, 2013

Macaron by Patisse

I've been driving by River Oaks and peeking at the Macaron sign... when are they going to open?
Well, Macaron by Patisse opened quietly a little shy of 2 weeks ago.
The posh decor definitely matches the posh location, but the owner is not stuck up at all.  She's the opposite of snobbery, she was more than friendly and made sure that we know what flavors are available, what type of tea they serve and that they are fair trade.
I couldn't resist the front window display, the macaron tower is adorable but park next to a mini Eiffel Tower, they just stole my heart.
Don't know if you can see that each of the macarons have a bit of glimmer on top.  So pretty.  And yes, we went late in the day and they're pretty much sold out.  Wow.
We got: Rose, Lavender, Hot Cinnamon, Coco Noir (coconut with dark chocolate), Blueberry Vanilla Bean.
You see the glimmer?  It's all pretty.  What impressed me, aside from the color and shiny tops, it's that they have vanilla bean in the shells.  That's done well.
We asked, and they used the French method.  And to be honest, once you mastered it, it can be super stable.  I know alot of advocate out there for the Italian method, because you can mass produce with stable results, but like I said, French method is not as particular once you master them well.
You bite into it, and it's nice and soft.  YUM!

Like I said the owner was more than friendly.  She was saying what inspired her to open this macaron shop is that she has not found a truly good macaron shop.  While I do agree that there's a need for it but I wouldn't say they're that hard to find.  Some places, she was saying froze their macs, so they made theirs fresh daily.

What I can appreciate is that they choose to have different flavors.  Which is more than what I can say about alot of places around town.  They only produce what sells, which I know makes business sense, but one of the great thing about macarons is that you have the liberty to play with the flavors both in the shells and in the flavors in between.  You can tell they did their research and made sure the ganache is right or the mascarpone is right.  I totally appreciate the thoughtfulness that was put into the macarons.  I'll definitely come back, like you have to twist my arm.  ;)

Macaron by Patisse
2033 W. Gray
River Oaks Shopping Center @ Shepherd
Houston, TX 77019

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