Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I saw my friends checked in at Pondicheri, I know I need to go check it out.  I've known about their existence because we've been to Indika, and they're owned by the same owner.  Just didn't have a chance to go check them out.   
Located inside West Ave, it's great place to go for breakfast.  Park at the parking garage right behind the store front and that's free.  You can always try to park out front but it's not easy as it gets later in the day.  Entrance on Westheimer facing Chuy's. 
 I've never had blood orange juice before, so I'd thought I'd give it a try.  It's very zesty and zingy.  But they also have Lassi or Fresh Squeeze OJ if you ask them.

 I was really here for the crepe.  They're another place that does gluten free crepe.  They use rice flour and create that light and fluffy texture.  Unlike Sweet Paris, who use buckwheat flour, which became super thick and heavy.  This is by contrast light and fluffy.  I asked to to put strawberries, banana, and nutella... my default go-to.  I must say, pretty damn good!
You can order 3 eggs in 3 styles, plain, scrambled, or marsala.  We got it scrambled, and got couple of sides.  The curry potato, which is my favorite.  We also got the beef keema.  You mix them all together, it's a very nice dish.

Pondicheri is a cheaper version of Indika.  You still get the good food, still at a posh setting, but more relax.  You order as you walk in, and grab a seat, they'll bring you your food.  On the side, they have a small bar that has regular drinks specials.  Great for a quick drink before grabbing a bite.

2800 Kirby Dr.
Ste B 132
Houston, TX 77098

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