Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flora & Muse

It's really rear that I get to be a lady who lunch, little to say to even have time to have afternoon tea...
Lucky for us, Flora & Muse has afternoon tea during the week.  They have a tea set for 2 for $30.  Of course it comes in a set.  I was hoping they have some fancy tea, but instead, they came over with a box of tea to choose from... ok, Jasmine it is.
The tea set comes in 2 tiers.  The top tier is dessert, which is common.

The top tier has peanut butter cookie with jam (that was unusual and confuse my taste buds), poppy seed muffin (which is exactly what you think it is), and chocolate dipped sugar cookie (yummy)!
The bottom tier has all the savory sandwiches.  And as you can see, they are tiny and finger size.
They have 2 of everything, on this corner they have Curry Chicken Salad sandwich (left), and Roast Beef & Cheese sandwich.
Here you have Smoked Salmon brochette (center), Turkey & Lettuce sandwich (right), and Cucumber & Tomato sandwich (back).

I liked the sugar cookie, the curry chicken was a surprise, but what was the true surprise was the mini bread that the sandwiches came in.  The bread tasted like a the Brazilian Cheese Bread, but I'm sure it's not.  I guess overall, I was expecting because of their patisserie that these tea set would've been better.  In a way that they use their kitchen to do more creative dessert, or have a little scone.  Scones goes with tea so well...

Flora and Muse only serve tea during the week from 2p - 5p.  You don't need to have a reservation, just let the server know you're here for the tea set, and they'll do the rest.  In terms of parking, if you park right in front of store fronts, expect to pay for parking.  $1.50 for 30 mins, $3 for 1 hr, or $15 for 5 hours.  Those are your options, and the parking machines do accept credit cards and cash.

Flore & Muse
12860 Queensbury Ln
Ste 143,
Houston, TX 77024

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