Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kata Robata

It's been a while since we went sushi, so it was time to remedy that!
In comes Kata!
We like sitting at the Sushi Bar, with company like these, how can you not?  LOL
I ordered the Kobe Beef Taco, nice presentation, huh?
Closer look: we have the beef, little slices of mango, avocado, cherry tomato, cilantro, chili threads, onion.  All those flavors together, the taste it tight!  The corn torilla, you can tell it's made in house.  First, it's because it's tiny, the other is also full of flavors, somebody is doing something right there.
Here we have the real King Crab California Roll, that cost more than the normal California Roll, but the fresh crab meat is totally worth it!  I totally recommend having that.  Even if you don't want to spend the money in that, just try it once and compare for yourself.  It'll change your mind too.

Kata Robata
3600 Kirby Dr.
Suite H
Houston, TX 77098

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