Monday, February 11, 2013

Fat Bao

Don't know if you heard, but bao is in!
Fat Bao is just that simple, bao!  They have variety of savory baos and some sweet ones as well.  They got some wonderful sides, like the Fat Cauli which is fried cauliflower with curry spice.
Let's talk about what I got:  of course I got the Pork Belly bao (right), which has braised shredded pork, with their homemade hoisin sauce.  They have some picked kimchi type stuff at the bottom but it must've been too fresh because the taste hasn't soaked all the way in.

The left bao was the Peking Duck bao, it's like a reminder of what you get from Chinatown where you have the entire duck and you squeeze the pieces in there yourself.  Except, instead of the whole duck, this is all made ready for you to bite into.  Again, they have their hoisin sauce, and the cucumber made it nice and crunchy even if you didn't get enough skin from the duck.  

It's very popular for a quick dinner spot, you walk up, check out their menu, place the order and they will bring you the baos.  Normally, 1 or 2 will do it for me, but if you're hungry, try them all.  Also, check out their Facebook page, because that's where they have their menu listed.  Though, always check out the board when you arrive, they update that more often.  They also have a lunch special, 2 baos, fries, salad, and soda for $9.25, or 3 baos with fries, salad, soda for $12.25.  Go check them out!

Fat Bao
3419 Kirby Dr. 
(at Richmond)
Houston, TX 

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