Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chili's lunch

Went to meet some friends for a quick lunch.
I got the flatbread.  It's actually alot of food for 2 thing of pizza.  The sauce is awesome turns out they have garlic aioli mixed into it.  It might as well be the next creamy jalapeno.  There's no meat in there because it's Magherita Pizza.  There's no veggies, unless you count cilantro as veggies.  There's just cheese, pesto and tomato.  It's pretty darn good, just can't finish it all.  Of course, having chips and queso before hand, didn't help.  But so dang good!

This Chili's is inside the Galleria mall in Houston.  So, best parking, closest that is, is to go to Orange Parking lot, whose entrance is at West Alabama, and you have to turn down so you go to the basement.  I would not fuss with the parking at the front of the mall facing Westheimer.  They are trying to add another structure and the rest are blocked for valet, so the free parking for normal guests are super limited.  

The other thing, you can see how long the wait time for each of the Chili's location on their site.  Of course, you can order on their site for pick up at any location too.

5015 Westheimer Rd
Ste 1310
Houston, TX 77056

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