Monday, August 24, 2015

HRW: George's Bistro

This year I had a late start for Houston Restaurant Week.  Not for any reasons particular just didn't get a head start like in the past.  Plus, now that it's extended to a month, it's less of a mad dash and can carefully study the menu to the places I really wanted to check out.
 This time, went to George's Bistro, per Julia's suggestion.  Got a glass of Muscat while waiting for our meal.  
 This is their amuse bouche, it is pepper pimento on top of a small toast, super yummy.  I just know the night will go along fine.
 This is the Fois Gras Mousse with Tepid Brioche.  The Brioche is more like a muffin texture, and it was definitely warm.  Goes along with the fois gras nicely.  As delicious as it was, I didn't finish the entire pate mousse, because I was saving room for...
 The Rabbit Confit.  Before arriving, glancing at the menu, I'd thought I would pick the Lamb Confit, but after hearing the server who was so happy talking about her taste of the Rabbit, I had to change my order.  To her credit, she was not lying.  It was delicious.  The consistency was nice, not at all gamey.  The sauce was delicious and not super boozy as I've had my fair share of those.  Everything was strikingly balanced.  Hiding behind the rabbit is a mashed potato like starch, and it goes along beautifully.
 For dessert course, we got the Chocolate Mousse.  Look at the detail of it.  It came in a home made cone, not at all thick, if it's any thinner, it could be crepe.  And the raspberry sauce on the dish is also home made, because you can taste some of the fruit readily available to your tastebuds.

I would say, alot of true foodie don't go to, or judge a restaurant during HRW because the massive crowds that came out aren't the typical diners.  So to test a place to see if they are the real McCoy, you typically wait until after to go.  George's Bistro, however, is the real deal, they offer true French cuisine that you can get in France.  And I'm not talking about cliche tourist spots, I'm talking about food everyday French folks eat at, this is the place.  

The server spoke both French & English, the owners of course are French.  So, if you dare, try your French there.  I didn't, but the food was great, service was good.  It was a tad weird for us that we were sitting at formerly Feast, where we had HRW several years back.  Sure the decor has been French-ed up, and they do make it their own by having little touches, such as using a sewing table (sans the machine) as a dining table.  But for the most part the original pieces are still there.  That aside, I'm going back for sure, because their regular menu has lots of stuff that I like, so going back is a definite must.

George's Bistro
219 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006

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