Monday, August 10, 2015

A Two Year Old's Birthday Party

Hosted a 2 year old birthday several weeks ago, since time was limited, didn't get all fancy-ed up. But you know what they say, you aim for the sky, you many land among the stars... or something to that effect.
We had it at Fish Gallery, who knew that a fish store host birthday parties.  Price is reasonable, and came with it, is the party room already decorated.  We get a tour of the shop, fed koi fish, touch different kinds of creatures from starfish to baby lobsters to hermit crab.  

I had thought about giving everyone a beta as a loot gift, but also know that my friends will hate me.  So as an activity, we had paint station with 'sea' background painted on it, and gave ideas about fish handprint or if their kids are old enough can make their own painting.
This is our dessert table.  I had SuzyQ Print Shop to create the chalk board with the stats on it.  All the little bee and frogs gift bags are from Target, and cupcakes here are from Crave.

The loot had crayons, mini books, flashcards or bubbles, antibiotic wipe, and kleenex.  A little bit for everyone.
These are cupcakes from Sprinkles.  Here's the thing about ordering mini gluten free cupcakes.  At Crave, they can do chocolate with either chocolate or vanilla icing, but they cannot do letters or special design on top.  Sprinkles can only do red velvet but they can do whatever designs you want.  So, keep that in mind.
What did we feed the folks that came?
Ham and Cheese with train or airplane shapes, because that's our favorites right now.
PB and J for the Seashell and cars. 
These turned out the best... 
For Gluten Free version, we did Udi and Slodough, and turns out for projects like these, Slodough is the best.  

Also not shown, jello, figured it matches the sea theme, but no one touches it... so that was a fail.  For all the crust and leftovers, you apparently should not take them to feed ducks, but you should ask and see if there are anybody's kids or pets love it.  And give that away.

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