Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy Ending - Food truck

My new group is so cool... as an employee appreciation, they got couple food trucks for us.
Since they kept calling it taco truck, everyone were super impressed when they saw the menu that it's more than just hot dogs.  I picked Happy Endings.  With a name like that, even grown men were having a field day with the name.
I saw their special, can't help but try that out...
But first, I got an order of eggroll.  Figured, what the heck, the office is paying for it.  These are mini eggrolls.  Honestly, I had to share it with someone, just because they're tiny doesn't mean that they're not filling.
Here's the Bulgogi Rice Bowl.  It is a big huge bowl of food.  The meat is so yummy and the kimchi is a nice mix.  I think I can skip the extra sriracha sauce, just because I'm a wimp.  All the food is super awesome.  I like how quick they turn the order around, they are totally pros at this.  They have awesome hot dogs and kimchi fries.  I've seen my co-workers ordered them.... they look awesome, too bad my eyes are bigger than my stomach and cannot eat them all, even if it is paid for by work. 

They are usually down at UH or at the Gaslamp or down at Washington Ave.  You can follow them on their Facebook and Twitter, which is usually how you found most of the food trucks and their hours.

Happy Ending Food Truck

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