Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Koagie Hots

So, in name of research, me and couple co-workers went to Tasty Tuesday.  It's pretty awesome, the office park coordinated over 10 food trucks between hot dogs, tacos, to dessert trucks.
 Been meaning to try Hoagie Hots, so excited to give them a try.
I got the Koagie Dog, it's one of their more popular items on the menu besides the kimchi fries, which they were out that day.
So, what's inside: hot dog, of course.  There's ribeye, spicy mayo, slaw, and fried egg on top.  This is a carnivore heaven.  You basically get all proteins in the few bites here.

The tip about going to Tasty Tuesday is to go early.  Since we didn't have the advantage of everyone who works in those buildings, we had to find parking, which is not easy to get the free parking, since they block the entrances.  There's some parking in the garage, but you do need to pay to park in the garage.  That said, the property management set up a few tables out by the fountain and got their maintenance crew to put extra trash can and constantly making sure it's comfortable for everyone.  So, good job.

My experience with the Koagie Hots, unfortunately wasn't that great.  The wait was super long, and it was weird because some other trucks doesn't look like they have a long wait but the wait for food was long.  This happened at couple other trucks too.  But the food is good, so it's mini redeemed, but I would recommend going early, for the sake of parking and shorter wait time, hopefully.  Will try again for the less busy experience, make sure you follow them on twitter to keep track of them.

Koagie Hots

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