Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mala Sichuan

We took an out of town guest who requested Mapo Tofu, which is spicy tofu dish.
For us, we got baby bak choy, stir fried.  We needed some non-spicy veggies to balance out the spicy-good-ness.
We had the onion stir fry beef, super delicious, and best suitable for the non-spicy lovers.  You can taste the heat of the wok, which in Chinese is where the flavor comes from.  And then after you had a few and happily chewing, realized everyone's favorite dish at the table is the same thing... so you are all fighting for the onions too.
Wonton dumplings.  It's obvious that they made them in house, no frozen here.  Every bite you take is fresh.  Can't complaint, yummy to the max.

Our out of town guest thought we were crazy for going to lunch early.  Soon he realized we were actually already late for Chinatown hours.  By 11a, while  you might be early for lunch, there were not a parking spot to be had.  We were lucky I saw someone pulling out and I swooped in.  But in this heat, we may have to go to the next lot or further to park.  Or go somewhere else altogether.  And even though when we first sat down there were 3 other tables besides us.  By the time we left there were a line waiting by the cashier's counter and by the door.  So, who's crazy now, eh?

Mala Sichaun Bistro
9348 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77036

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