Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tiny Boxwood

Went to grab breakfast with mom.  Later than my usual time that I would go to there, and sure enough it was super crowded.
Orange Julia - there's orange juice, honey, ice, and all mixed up together.
We both had the Mother's breakfast.  We just loved the biscuit, it is as though the biscuit already came buttered but it hasn't been cracked open before.  How amazing is that?!  The raspberry jam they had is definitely made in house, super pulpy but in a good way, so between the already buttered biscuit and the jam, it's like English having breakfast.  My mom ate all the biscuit and hardly touched her main breakfast.  I had about a quarter of the biscuit because I was dying to try their sausage.  The sausage was delicious, fresh and hot.  The taste have some smoky-ness to it. I swear it made it super delicious.  The eggs aren't bad either, but seriously the sausage was super awesome.

For Tiny Boxwood main location, it's the most open best kept little secret in town.  People know it's there, but it's hidden as well.  Unless you go there, you really have a hard time finding it.  Not to mention finding parking.  Their small lot might be discouraging but don't be despair, they have an extra lot right down a small way.  Park there, or if you're lucky, you can find a street parking.  Keep in mind that street is tiny, only one side parking.

The service is top notch as always.  For breakfast, it's not full service.  So, order and pay at the counter, and they will give you a number and bring you your food.  Enjoy the side patio, they bring fans out for hot day, and it's a lovely shade with leaves area.

Tiny Boxwood
West Alabama at Saint Street
Houston, TX 

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