Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Ding Ding

Went to Ding Ding's for a quick lunch.  
I ordered the HK style lemon tea.  Theirs is less sweet than I like.  I do like their milk tea fine though.
For the lunch special, I believe it was $6.95, you can have various items to choose form, and it comes with a drink.  I ordered egg noodles and it allows for 3 toppings, anything add on is additional.  I got the tofu skin, fish balls (hahaha), and fish slices.  The latter two are really made of fish paste and reform into different shape.  Then lightly fried and put into the noodle soup.  It was good for a cool day, I tell you.

They changed their format.  Previously, you order at the counter, grab a seat and they deliver it to your table.  Now, they changed it to seated service.  Which is nice, less confusion of people running around since they also have to get their own utensils the previous method.  I saw that they were promoting special dishes for the holiday seasons, including prawns, lobsters and dungeness crab.  They also just rolled out winter hot pots too, trying to stay in competition with the new hotpot place around the corner.  Give them a try, I think they have more hidden talent that is slowly rolling them out.  

Ding Ding HK Tea House
9398 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 

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