Monday, May 4, 2015

Ding Ding

Went back to Ding Ding for brunch.  New habits for this creature.
Got iced Ying Yang, which is Milk Tea + Iced Coffee.  I found it a little on the bitter side, wish it was a tad sweeter, maybe I will request that next time.
I got the Cheung Fun - which this time I got smarter and got sweet sauce and sesame.  It would've been good if they put a tad more soy sauce.
I got the set, which I picked noodles with 2 proteins.  The noodles are ramen noodles at the bottom, then there's eggs and lunch meat.  I wish the noodles has a little more flavor.  The proteins didn't offer that.  So, it's a bit more bland than my liking.  The eggs are a tad soggy this way.  I guess I was hoping it was on a separate plate.  It's all mushy... I put it on a plate as soon as I took the picture.

I think next time I'll go off the set menu and order the individual dishes, that seems to work out better for my mom instead of doing these sets.  Just as valuable, yes you save a few bucks on the lunch or breakfast sets, but at least you get to see what else they are good at.  Luckily, they're open at 7:30a, closing at 9pm.  Go to their Facebook for menu if you want to study up before you go.

Ding Ding
9398 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

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