Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Del Frisco's

One of my co-workers invited me to go lunch with them.  So to Del Frisco's we go!
So, I didn't realized I basically ordered the same lunch as I was there last time.  I got the mock Turtle Soup.  It was hilarious, because one of my co-workers thought it was really cooked with turtle.  It may have been in the past but since it's not consistent they have since used beef.
I got the filet medallion.  I forgot how yummy they taste.  The medallion is the perfect size for lunch, not too heavy where you don't want to go back to work.  I didn't finish the potato, but it was delicious with the sauce.   

The business lunch also comes with dessert of either cheesecake or chocolate mousse.  I did a to-go on the dessert, otherwise, I would've needed a nap before being useful again.  That said, I tasted it after, I think they finally smarten up because the last time I had the dessert to go, they were giving us a huge to-go box which holds at least 2 servings.  This time it's a small one which is the correct portion.  Sadly, the taste wasn't as good as it was.  Before it was much more chocolatey, this time, it has too much milk, so it's more milky than chocolatey.  The price is $29, which is awesome for the set.

Del Frisco's
5061 Westheimer Rd.
Ste 8060
Houston, TX 77056

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