Monday, April 28, 2014

Del Frisco's

A co-worker was kind enough to take me to lunch at Del Frisco's.  
If you were to do lunch there, you can choose their Business Lunch.  It's a great deal, for $29 you get 3 courses.  I chose the seafood soup.  Very delicious and filled with meat even though the base is very much like a vegetable soup.
For the main course, I had the filet medallion, which is on top of a pile of very nice mashed potato.  The sauce on the side is very good, you should mix that with the potato.  The green beans though pretty, not the best.  It was too raw for my taste.

For dessert course, not pictured, I had the chocolate mousse to go.  I will say that if you take it to go, the portion is huge versus the portion there.  Which was in a wine glass with the pretty raspberry.  Overall, the entire meal was a great deal overall.  Plus lunch during the week, you are guaranteed a place to sit, unlike on weekend or at nights.

Del Frisco's
(near Forever 21)
5061 Westheimer Rd.
Ste 8060 
Houston, TX 77056

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