Tuesday, April 1, 2014


So I met a friend for lunch downtown.  She suggested Batanga because she's in the mood for tapas.
Lunch during the weekday was not busy at all.
Pao de Queijo, which is the Brazilian Cheese Roll with Guava Preserves.  The cheese roll is more like a mini coconut macaroons.  But it does taste like a cheese roll.  Though, I was expecting it to be a bit larger.  You can go to Spec's and get a pouch $1 for 6, and they are bigger.  
I got the Express Hanger Steak.  The steak is pretty good, it has a couple pieces of plantain and potato.  The potato wasn't cooked all the way, so maybe in haste, they didn't check.  But the salad and the plantain is pretty good.

That day we were there, the day was pretty good, so alot of people chose to sit outside.  They only had one server to run around out there for the multiple tables, and couple of those were large parties.  For tapas, things weren't fast and wasn't as good as people were raving about.  The server had forgot one of my dishes, so thank goodness I got the steak.  When you see the hostess and the bus-person step in to help fill water and run the food, you know they need to have another server to help.  At one point, our server, the one and only server, avoided eye contact when we tried to flag her down for our check.  C'mon... your tip depend on service, for that type of service, I can take it or leave it.

908 Congress
@ Travis
Houston, TX 77002

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