Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tiny Boxwood

Since I've been going to all the Tiny No.5s, I decided to go to the original location for a change of scenery.
I was going to get the Migas, but instead I changed my mind and go the Mother's Breakfast.  It has ground sausage, eggs, homemade biscuit and strawberry jam.  The sausage was definitely nicely done, and very meaty, you definitely got your money's worth there.  Of course, the jam is homemade too, very good and goes very well with the biscuit.

If you manage to go to the original location, go early so you get a decent parking spot and easy to get a table.  If you manage to go later, remember to bring your patience.

Tiny Boxwood
West Alabama & Saint Street
Houston, TX 

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