Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette

Another birthday meal, we went to Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette.
I've been to the Liberty Kitchen in the Heights Location many of times for brunch.  This is my first time for dinner.
We ordered the Crazy Grilled and Fried oysters.  They have the fried ones on top of the grilled ones, and at first, you think: that's too much.  But when they arrive, you would be so surprise how good they are together.  From left to right: pork belly bacon with apple cider vinaigrette, salt & pepper with butter, lastly jalapeno juice, tequila lime with avocado oil.  Now matter how you slice it or dice it, all of them are good.  
My friend ordered the Seafood Gumbo that has whole crab, fried oysters, shrimp and andouille sausage.  I like it ok, not too spicy, very flavorful, and as you can see, you get meat every bite.
This is their Friday night special, which is Seafood Pho.  Very much tried to be Asian, but the seafood broth was so flavorful that you know it's not.  And like the gumbo, they did not skimp on the seafood.  Every bite you get seafood of some sort.  
There's lobster balls in there, along with shrimp, octopus, king crab, oysters, and scallops.
For dessert, we split a piece of chocolate cake.  It was superbly rich, richer than your landlord rich.  Amazingly, this was the least tasty course of the whole evening.  All of the other dishes were surprisingly good, and this one some how was sub par.  That was kind of disappointing.

This location is definitely very chic and matches the clientele who can easily walk across from the neighborhood.  Did you know this space used to be an Adult Only Tex Mex place?  Nothing naughty, just a kids free zone.  They tried to sell it as a sexy Tex Mex, but alas, for this space LKO had it right with casual chic.  The decor is fun and if you have a big enough party, you can sit at the half bar in the back.

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette
4224 San Felipe
Houston, TX

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