Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Muiishi Makirritos

I got the Tuesdays mixed up with the Tasty Tuesday in Post Oak Plaza.  So, did a quick Twitter check and see if there's any food truck around work.
As luck would have it, Muiishi Makirritos were down the street from me.  Parked against an office building across from Uptown Park.
I had the Bibimbap, burrito style.  It has beef marinated bulgogi style, veggies, kimchi, and all goes together very well.

I wish their stuff aren't so filling so I can try other dishes they have to offer.  Each dish is a great deal and very filling, but I'm so full that I can't even add to it.  Maybe they'll do a sample dish in the future or maybe when I see them participate in a food truck fest.

Muiishi Makirritos

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