Thursday, April 17, 2014

Araya Macarons

As one of my birthday present, I got a nice cute little box...
This is from Araya Chocolate shop in River Oaks.  For chocolate, they do have some awesome boxes designs.  But for tiny macs, this will do.
It fits 2 macs just perfect.
Sadly, the macs aren't so lucky.  The shells were hard and as you bite into them they fell apart.  As you can see, there's air between the outside shell and the cookie, that's not a good sign.  Previously, we've heard that though they may have made the macs themselves, the cookies were frozen.  And while they can definitely make the cookies last longer, the quality does suffer some.  If that's the case, not surprise that the cookies turned out the way it did.  Bottom line: it's not as fresh as say couple days ago... might as well walk down to Patisse.  Maybe they should stick with fancy chocolate, which are worth every penny.

Araya Chocolates
2013 W. Gray
Houston, TX 77019

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