Tuesday, April 15, 2014


A co-worker wanted to go to lunch together, so we go to our good o' standby at Saks.  If your standby lunch spot is at Saks Fifth Avenue, life is not shabby at all.
As I've mentioned the Associate Lunch Program, $13 includes entree, drink (non-alcoholic) and tax.  If you want bread or dessert, that's extra.  But it's definitely fast and cheap and non-mall food.
I got the Chicken Crepe.  I am just addicted to their vinaigrette with the cream sauce.  So delicious with the spinach.  There's no other, I tell ya!
Since it was celebrating my birthday, we also split their bread pudding dessert.  It's their top selling item.  Once  you tried it, you'd understand why.  Not too heavy and the raspberry puree goes beautifully with the ice cream, fruit and the bread pudding... yum!  I definitely don't encourage the gluttonous to take on this challenge yourself, split it with someone, you'll thank yourself later.  It is rich.

As usual, if you want to take advantage of the Associate lunch, tell the hostess or just walk up to the bar, or the bar table.  Any formal sit down would consider the full menu.

5115 Westheimer Rd
inside Saks 2nd floor
Houston, TX 77056

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