Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Noodles and More

Haven't been to NAM for a while, so thought we stopped by a quick dinner.
They do have a great selection to choose from in terms of standard Vietnamese dishes.
Since it's dinner time, I wasn't going to get Cafe Su Dai and not sleep, so instead, got Thai Iced Tea.  It's definitely a good alternative to normal iced tea.  Just hope next time they put more condensed milk to sweeten it up a tad.
I got the Un-Phogettable Pho.  It's pretty standard soup, not too salty as some other places in town.  The meat cut is definitely good quality, it was nice and not tough, good cut for sure.  The meat ball is still my favorite though.  I know they are store bought, but still yummy.

Overall, I think NAM is underrated.  Yes, they get the audience from Rice University, but they actually deserve more people checking them out.  The place is clean, decore is hip.  Though it's a order and sit down place, they do try to provide options to rice dishes and try to guide customers who have never had Vietnamese food before guidance and help them navigate the menu.  That, I don't see anymore.  While I am fully aware you can have pho, in almost every neighborhood you go, but this place definitely worth my business.

Noodles and More (NAM)
2512 Rice Blvd.
Houston, TX 77005

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