Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Breakfast compare and contrast pt 2.

The other place is Ding Ding, which is a direct competition to Hong Kong's Cafe.
 Ordered the Iced Lemon Tea Hong Kong style.  Except this one is a bit on the 'tea' side, meaning not as sweet as I'm used to.  I see the liquid sugar in there, but not sure why it's not as sweet.  This is not the first time, other drinks I've ordered too also not as sweet.  I may try to request a little more sweetner next time. 
 Hong Kong Style Rice Roll, the whole gammit was soy sauce, sweet sauce and peanut sauce, which apparently there were a ton, because it's gotten to be super dry.  When I ordered it, I asked for it without peanut sauce for that reason, and luckily one of the staff saw it and quickly changed it for me.  Thank you!!!
Ahh, this is much better.  Just soy sauce and sweet sauce over rice noodles.  That's just nice and give it a taste without drying your mouth or your tastebuds out.

Originally, I ordered French Toast, and only we sat down that they come to tell us that they don't have it.  I wish their kitchen talk to the front of the house to keep them abreast what is out of stock.  Aside from that, the whole experience felt like all new folks are true green.

As far as compare and contrast goes, obviously it's great for consumers in the Houston market to have another 'Tea' Restaurant.  They both have food that deserve their own brand and reputation.  While they both try to give you bang for your bucks on meal deals, the combos are different for each of their own way.   HK's does a simple matrix for combos, while Ding Ding gives you different choices in variety.

The contrast, it's very homey feel with Hong Kong's Cafe.  Owners do make an effort to go around and chat with customers and get to know them.  At Ding Ding, I know earlier own owners were around to make sure things are running smoothly, but since it's been running well, they've hired new staff and they are not yet acclimated.  The other deal is that, Tea Restaurants they bring you the basic utensils and Ding Ding chose to do self-serve, which is very Americanize of them.  The space, Ding Ding absolutely have a bigger space, and everyone can sit comfortably.  While at HK's are more close in space, but the food makes up for it.  Of course, you can't forget that Ding Ding gives you the convenient to swipe your card, and HK's is cash only.

Ding Ding
9398 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX

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