Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Melange Creperie

Reunited and it feels so good... 
 It's been a while since I had a crepe from Melange Creperie... how I missed thee.
 Awesome as always... just different check out procedures...
Pardon the eaten mess, but wanted to show you that the Patty Special lives on!  It's Banana, Nutella, added Strawberry.  Oh my, how I missed thee!!!!

Though I did not see Buffalo Shawn, it was good to see that his entrepreneural spirit is still in tact.  They are now located in the freezer section of HEB on W. Alabama by Menil.  The check out method is a tad different, and that, you have to get your sticker, check out with your other groceries and then enjoy your crepe.  

We were still bum that the brick and mortar place on Montrose fell thru.  But they are still working the farmers market circuit and this deal with HEB to keep their names out there.  Don't worry, your fans will follow you.

Funny antidote, the guy who made the crepe at the end handed our crepes and said please enjoy soon if not please put in the fridge.  I said, isn't that kinda common sense?  Apparently not, one lady had took a crepe home, leaving it out for a few hours and than ate it and got sick.  Urm... yes, kids, don't leave food out for hours... even though it's cooked. 

Melange Creperie
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