Monday, December 21, 2015

Jinya Ramen

It's been a while since I've had Jinya.
 This is the first time I hit the twilight zone of happy hour and dinner line.  The bar was hopping but the dining area was about to get busy as well.  Glad we picked a good time. 
 We ordered Fried Cauliflower, it's vegetable, can't be bad, right?  You can see the pine nuts at the bottom, and it was a nice add to the crunchy.
 Someone recommended green beans, see there's some more hidden nuts in there.  It's yummy and made me feel healthy.
 Made me feel healthier yet, is the Kale Lollipop.  They have a wedge of lemon and some salt to go with it.  Frankly, without is pretty good.  Definitely getting this again.
I got the Spicy Umami Miso Ramen.  I can't really taste the miso in there, I can taste the spicy but not as hot as the Tonkotsu Spicy can be.  It has a kick but not like 10 alarm fire hot.  It came with ground pork, bean sprouts, I got a few bok choy, scallion, chili oil which you can see as they float atop.  The noodle is thicker noodle than the other ramen, but just as good.  The broth is not super spicy so having the chili oil was not bad.  If anything, it adds more flavor than spiciness.   I'm definitely a fan.

Service is good, surprisingly since it was at the beginning of dinner rush.  Our server came and checked on us and make sure we know what we're eating, so that's nice. The only thing is that we were seated at the big table, where you have to share.  And typically it's no biggie, I'm used to sharing tables, but when you have neighbors who are new to the concept, and take some getting used to (such as talking really load to his group of friends), that was unusual.  Otherwise, so far, everytime I've been there, the servers are super attentive.

Jinay Ramen
3201 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77006

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