Monday, April 6, 2015


We went back to Jinya for dinner.
Dinner was really a happy hour extended, since they have a full bar alot of the people live nearby does get the party started.
We ordered the fried wonton, the sauce is very tasty and it's actually very addictive.  I can tell you that my kid approves.
This time I got the Tonkotsu Assari, which is much better than the Tonkotsu Black.  The egg to start with is already better.  The pork again is fall off the chopstick good.  Spicy bean sprout, onion and the noodles are super tasty.  I just wish the noodles have more elasticity.  I miss that feeling.  The soup is much better than the Black.  

Even though dinner was getting busy, our server was super attentive.  I really appreciated especially when I have a 20 month old with me who is a ruckus.  I just wish that they wouldn't have placed a kiddo in the middle of the big share table because it can really disturb other patrons.  Of course, it also goes the other way, you can hear the other people's conversation which you have to hold yourself back from getting sarcastic and join in.... you know how that goes.

Jinya Ramen
3201 Louisiana
Houston, TX 77002

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