Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jinya Ramen

So we have heard about the downtown ramen spot opening...
I grabbed Julia for lunch.
Nice set up... everything is set nice and pretty... can't wait for the food.
This is Jinya Tonkotsu Black.  Sounded exotic enough on the menu, had to give it a try.  The broth wasn't as thick as I had hoped.  They said it's a pork broth, so I had expected to be thicker and fattier.  It was neither.  The pork itself was good, fall off the chopsticks good.  You see here, green onion, seaweed, fried onion, garlic chips, the noodle wasn't as chewy as I had hoped.  The egg was the most upsetting... it was cold, but the thing doesn't even taste good... I would opt out next time.  The hot sauce was good, and if you like spicier, tell your server.  They're very on top of it.

We went during lunch time, and parked in the garage in the back for free.  The building does have a valet, so not hard to find if you drive to the restaurant next door.  They also have a full bar, and if you come at night, I'm pretty sure it'll be hopping.

Jinya Ramen
3201 Louisiana St
Houston, TX 77002

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