Thursday, March 12, 2015

Maison Burdisso Macarons

Been meaning to catch the Maison Burdisso at Eastside Farmers Market for a while now.
So when I saw on their Facebook page then menu, I have to go there... 
Very unassuming packaging...  
They are $2 per mac.  I got: burnt sugar, pear, tiramisu and pistachio.  They have limited amount each day, so you have to be early.  Otherwise, you snooze, you lose.

Macs are a tad smaller compares to what I like and what the others are selling.  But for $2 a pop and you know that you're getting quality work, you can't beat that.  I will say, you have to be dedicated to catch her at either Eastside Market or Rice Farmer's Market.  At Eastside, she is right by the music guy.  At Rice, she's at the end, right by the egg guy.  Go find her!

Maison Burdisso

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