Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tout Suite Macarons

This is such a good message for everyone to get up in the morning~
Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat!  I just find it poetic to be under a banana... because everyone should have some potassium for the day.
I came here on St. Patrick's Day, and of course here for the special Shamrock Macs.
They even have a special decoration for the green and white macs... even put them in the shape almost like a shamrock.  Squee!
Thought I was going to get some coffee to go with the macs.  This is their nicely packaged Cafe Su Dai.
Here's the beautiful macs.  Very nicely shaped.  I tried it, not easy to do.  So we have the brown ones are salted caramel.  The green middle one is Chocolate Cream.  The light green is pistachio.
Don't you think that this slim looking coffee is any weak, they are plenty strong with a kick!  And afterwards, the bottle can be used for single flower.
Here's the Rose, just because that's one of my favorite flavors.  The macs are so beautifully made.
The shamrock macs aren't shabby either, it has the feet, may not be as high as the others, but sure is pretty... and yummy!

Tout Suite isn't exactly easy to get to, but once you park and stuff it's well worth while.  Food is great, dessert is great, and of course the macs.

Tout Suite
2001 Commerce St.
Houston, TX 77002

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