Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I was jonesing for some chips and queso, so I talked my friend into going to Chili's...
Chips came first, and we were munching and gabbing...
 Skillet came... the cheese had kinda formed a layer on top... I hate that it's not hot when it comes out, but what's also disappointing was that the taste was lacking for sure.
I got the margherita flat bread.  That actually tasted very good.  Too bad I filled myself up with chips...

Chili's food is decent, but the wait time is horrifically long.  Luckily we can sit at the bar area.  But that's not truly better because there's nobody busting the tables so even though they can turn the tables, no new people can sit down.  We had a good server but since he's busy going around his area and even though no one is busting tables, it's hard to get drinks refill.

10001 Westheimer Rd
Ste 127
Houston, TX 77042

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