Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tsukiji Fusion Sushi

We were over on the West Side of town and I was looking for a sushi place.
Saw it on Google Maps there's one out that way... might as well give that a shot.
I ordered a lunch special, and it came with miso soup and salad with ginger sauce.
I got the Tsukiji Special, which I thought would be chirashi style according to the description, which was tuna, white fish, and salmon over rice with sweet and spicy sauce.  Turns out, it's all chopped like Hawaiian Poke' style and it's all mixed together.  It's not bad or spectacular, but was definitely fusion.
In addition, I ordered an extra piece of unagi, which was large enough but not enough sweet sauce.  An a chopped scallop, which was not thawed enough... I can still taste the ice.  Hmm....

Overall, it's exactly what you would expect out in the 'burb.  The fusion is exactly the key the area needs.  Not that they don't deserve the best chefs and their creativeness, but this type of fusion helps get more people thru the door.  For that their dishes are priced fairly, and the decor is hip, and they have Happy Hour from 3-6:30p Monday thru Friday.

Tsukiju Fusion Sushi
24449 Katy Fwy
Katy, TX 77494

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