Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Yori Yori

So when we go to Ranch 99 to do some grocery shopping...
... of source, we have to stop in for some lunch at Yori Yori.
They have alot of lunch specials from 10-2p.  For $8.99, I got the pork stir fry, which is like bibimap marinated pork, stir fry with onion, carrots, scallions, and jalapeno.  You get a side of cabbage salad, and kimchi and a cup of soup.  They were very quick with their service.  You place your order, the food came out very fast and then once you're done, you just put the trays back.  The food is very good, not too spicy. Definitely a quick lunch good spot.  You can go do your grocery shopping, which they have Chinese, Korean, Thai, Mexican, and of course, what you are used to at your local stores as well.

Yori Yori 
insides Ranch 99
1302 Blalock
Houston, TX 77055

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