Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Melange Creperie

Now that I work in the Galleria area, haven't had much chance to go to see Sean for crepe for some times.  So when my watch said 9:50a, it's time to drive down to Montrose to see how long that line is going to be.
As usual, as Sean is still setting up, there were 3 or 4 families already waiting for crepe.  It's alot of people that live in the neighborhood that bring their dogs and their kids down to see Sean and see what creation Sean cooked up.
Since it's not strawberries season, there's no Patty Special to be had.  So instead, we had Nutella, Banana and Walnut.  It was just as good, but just because he had mastered the batter for the crepe, which makes every filling inside tastes good.

My advice about going to see Sean for crepe, go early and bring exact change so he can process your transaction and go back to making crepe faster.  I always bring exact couple bucks for tips and while it's not tradition to tip to proprietor but since he always takes care of us you never feel bad for paying extra.

Melange Creperie
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