Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nippon's Ramen

Haven't been back to Nippon in a while, what better time than to catch up with my friends.
Even on a Sunday, they are busy with lunch.  That's because after church a bunch of Japanese ladies go there after to hang out.  
This is a cold dish of spinach topped with shaved fish.  I love to dip it all together.
Cute saucer they had with their logo on it.  You don't see that much nowadays.
Agadashi Tofu, fried tofu in ponzu sauce, so good...
This is their Tonkotsu ramen, as you can see it's light pork based, it is white and cloudy as described, which are supposed to be a pork broth.  You see the red, that's ginger, and sprouts, there are slices of pork in there, you just can't see it. 

I appreciate that they definitely cooked the noodle and pork in the broth as you can tell the taste goes together.  If not, you can immediately taste the different base and different cooking and was dump together last minute, which was not the case here.  Next time I'm going back for Miso Ramen.
To top off the meal, we ordered some Japanese ice cream, and my favorite, always, is red bean.  Yum!

If you can't find a decent parking on their lot behind the building, meaning no double park.  Park across the street and be careful crossing.  I'm glad I did because I also got out of there quicker than people parked at the lot that can't get in or out, or was blocked by someone double parked.

Because of the size of the space, seating is very limited.  Now that the weather is nice, take advantage of sitting at the patio.  Do make sure you arrive a little before prime time to get a seat, seating fills up fast!

Nippon Restaurant
4464 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX
Closed Monday!

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