Monday, May 20, 2013

Hong Kong Food Street

Ran out to lunch with some friends to Hong Kong Food Street, down in Chinatown.
Chinese sausage with Chinese broccoli hot pot.  Look out, it is hot.  I could have this entire pot and it'll be enough.
Chinese Spinach with shrimp paste.  We need some veggie to balance out a bit.
Japanese style beef short ribs on sizzling pan.  It's so yummy, I highly recommend it.
Soy Sauce Tofu and egg, out of all the dishes this is the only one that I was lease impressed.  

I recall when they first opened I was very impressed with their food and their chef.  Since then they have changed couple times over.  Dishes aren't as traditional Cantonese as it was once, doesn't necessary mean it's best, just tasted differently.   I would recommend you go during dinner time, they have soup accompany with your dinner.  

Hong Kong Food Street
They're open from lunch till 2am
9750 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, TX 77036

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