Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chatter's Cafe

The other day a friend of ours was just saying how they're opening up a business in the Heights, we were thrilled and also thought about places to eat in the area.  Is he kidding, there's tons to choose from.  
We haven't been to Chatter's for a while, so it's just as good as any time to bring a new person to the place.
This is one of my usual, the gyro plate.  They gave you way too much meat, which is good.  And not enough rice, which you just naturally want to mix them together.  Every time I go, I ended up taking leftover home, this can easily become two meals.

They do serve a little of everything on the menu, but the best thing is their Happy Hour, most day they have food specials, but Wednesday they have 1/2 price bottle of wine.  That makes all happy hour happier.  They have great service and they can do takeout too, not a bad idea to sit out at the patio on a good night too.

Chatter's Cafe
140 S. Heights Blvd
Houston, TX 77007

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