Monday, May 6, 2013

Jenni's Noodle

I have some colleagues came in from California, and since we worked till very late, we settled for a quick bite at Jenni's Noodles House.  Fast, good, and did I mention fast?
We had the Disco  Pork Dumplings to share, pretty dumplings, too bad we were hungry and devoured you.  It was good the sauce is good too.  Does anybody know why it's called Disco and why there's only 5?  How do you split the last one???
I tried the Ginger Ramen noodle.  Obviously, it's more like a homemade noodle dish than a true ramen. I think for a true ramen experience, you really should ask for the Miso Ramen, because that's the only 'ramen' dish that is miso broth based.  The rest of the 'ramen' are all soup based, which reminds me alot like the pho soup based.

As you can see, it has pieces of chicken, snow peas, sprouts, scallions, you can add chili oil if you'd like, I can't do too much spice, so I skipped that.   I think the egg noodles are more for wonton noodles you can find at Chinese restaurants not like the real ramen.

I'm not a traditionalist on ramen or anything.  There is a group that is dedicated to that cause... you can go to Ramen In Common and sign up.  It works like the Sushi Club does.  As a matter of fact, it's run by the same guy, Carl Rosa.  Can't wait to go to one of their events and learn about the real ramen difference. 

Jenni's Noodle House
3111 S. Shepherd 
Houston, Tx 77098

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