Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ruggle's Green GF Pizza

This time back to Ruggles Green for Gluten Free Pizzas.
This is the GF margherita pizza.  It looked a tad sparse.  As though someone formulaically put the tomato and basil leaves on there... 
This is their GF Pepperoni Pizza.  While I'm super happy to see that this is more meat on the pizza than the other pizza.  This time this is super oily, thanks to the pepperoni.  Definitely more meat on it than the other one... 

Overall the pizzas are pretty good, the crust is thin and definitely good.  I do wish that the margherita has more stuff and the pepperoni is less oily but otherwise, they both taste great.  And I think I'm ready to try the other flavors too.

Ruggles Green
2311 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77098

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