Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fat Bao

When I saw on Fat Bao's Facebook page that they have ramen, and I have no dinner plans, I made my way there.
Follow them on their FB page, because ramen is not available every night.
The Bao, however, are always available there.  For an appetizer, I had the Bulgogi Bao, which has kimchi, beef ribeye and their in house made sauce. 
This is their version of the Tonkotsu.  Lovely broth, and you see the pork, there's mushroom, and egg.  For $1 extra, you can get kimchi, another egg, or more pork for $2.  I love that it the meat and the broth has this harmony.  The noodles are the egg ramen, seems like been with the soup long enough to give you a nice full picture of the dish.

If you haven't been, you just walk up to the cashier, place your order and they give you a mini construction cone with your number and they bring you your dish.  Ramen is not offered every night, they usually do it on Monday and Wednesday, but it is best to go to their FB page and double check.  Even if you go on a night that they don't sell ramen, their bao's ain't shabby either.  So either way, you will not go home hungry.

Fat Bao
3419 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX 

Definitely follow them on FB:

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