Monday, May 13, 2013

Ramen in Common

Don't know if you heard about Ramen in Common.  It all started with sushi club members talking about ramen noodles and the mastermind behind the Houston Sushi Club, immediately thought of starting a group for us ramen lovers.
The second event for the Ramen in Common group was a perfect.  Being second event is awesome, because all the kinks from the first event has been worked out.  Yay!
It's at Soma's private area upstairs.  I love that being a member with the club master who's friends with all these Japanese restauranteurs means we always get superb treatment and get special treatment.
Here's our chef Mark Medina at Soma talking about how he improved upon reviews from last event.  Also noted that his method is non-traditional, but his interpretation and what tasted good.
Homemade Trash - which has pickled apples, grapes, pork rind, and fried ginger with sauce to dip in.
This is the 1st serving, we got Seafood Ramen.  It comes in a light seafood & coconut milk broth, but honestly I did not taste any seafood.  The broth has very light taste to it.  As you can see, there's scallop, mussels, and of course ramen nodle.
Here's the Black Bean Ramen, which is beef broth based.  This is one of my favorite, I'm not sure if it's the kimchi and the beef broth mixed well together or because of the short ribs, but either way this is my favorite, bar none.  Oh, and that's tamago, egg custard, like the sushi, on top.
To cleanse our palette, we got some yuzu sorbet with salt and mint.  It does taste fresh and you do feel the cleansing... of course ready for the next course.
Here we have Texas Ramen - the broth with pork based with corn and husk.  It comes with smoked pork belly with the chef's own barbeque sauce.  You see half an egg, fish cakes, and mushrooms.  
For dessert, we got yuzu cheesecake with tangerine sorbet mixed with crushed sesame powder, which comes out like a peanut butter powder once you mix in the berry puree.

I said it before, the black bean is my favorite out of the entire set.  The size and portions are totally perfect.  I do appreciate the creativity and focusing on the taste and what works together, rather than what's been done. 

See, that's the benefit of being part of Ramen in Common, it works like Sushi Club, you sign up for events you want.  You learn about texture, quality, how to evaluate: what's it good and what is different.  Overall, money well spent.

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