Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kubo's Cafe

I had a day off the other day, and was all excited for a bowl of ramen.  So I drove myself out to Chinatown to Kubo's Cafe, since I remember seeing noodles when I was there last time. 

Except, to my disappointment, they only serve ramen after 5pm on weekdays.  Weekend, I believe they have it all day long.  Sigh... will have to try again another time.
The trip was not totally wasted.  Instead I got one of their bento box.  This is their Yakiniku Bento Box, which has sautéed beef with onions.  As you can see, they were quite generous with the rice.  A side salad with the ginger dressing.  A fried dumpling, some edamame and a broccoli both unfortunately is a tad cold.

They are very much order and sit-down style.  Very casual dining, but the food is good nonetheless.  Good variety, great food, fast service.  I highly recommend it and definitely going back for that ramen!

Kubo's Cafe
9889 Bellaire Blvd
Suite 234
Houston,TX 77036

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