Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paleo Dinner

Word has it that the authors of Rich Foods, Poor Foods were stopping by on their way to a cruise in Galveston.  So they stopped in Houston to host a Paleo Dinner.
Here's their menu... it was kinda funny because their Ceasar salad came with croton, which is not paleo friendly...  but the food was prepared by Bruce Molzan, formerly of Ruggles fame. 
This was our 1st course, aka salad course.  It's the Farmers Market Greens, it came with a slice of watermelon and a a slice of the parmesan crisp.  The salad has jicama, dried mango, greens and honey mustard dressing.  It was pretty good and a great mix together.
Spring Snapper on a bed of summer squash, it has grapes, orange slices, and carrots and drizzled with salsa.  Lovely combo, and they give you 2 big patties of snapper, it's tons of food.  Wish they offer that more often.
For dessert, we had paleo brownie ala mode.  The vanilla ice cream match with the flourless chocolate cake perfectly.  They should have that on their menu permanently.

Overall, the dinner totally catered to the low carb, high fat crowd, the gluten free crowd, and the paleo crowd.  That said, food is good no matter which crowd you fall under.  I wish some of the items offered here would be offered more frequently.  Hope that's a message to the chef to keep that around.

Corner Table
2736 Virginia St.
Houston, 77098

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